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Join us this Sunday for our Sunday Service at LifePoint.   We welcome you to come just as you are.  We have people that wear shorts and sandals, to jeans, to full suits.  However you want to worship Christ, we welcome you! 

We start Sunday Service at 9:20 AM with 30 for 30.  This is our time to relax, get to know each other through fellowship, enjoy something quick to eat (bagels, fruit, etc.), tea, and plenty of coffee.

At 10 AM we start our Sunday Service.  During Sunday Service, we will spend time honoring God through Praise & Worship.  After worship, you will hear a message from Pastor Brady Brinson, or a guest speaker, with a message directly from God's word (the Bible).  No matter your journey in life, no matter if you are 14, 44, or 84, this message will apply to your life.  

At LifePoint, we have an impactful children's program and youth group.  Children in Elementary School and Preschool will be lead by background screened volunteers who have an established relationship with Christ.  Younger children will also be led by experienced, and background screened volunteers in our Nursery.  This all takes place during our Sunday Service.

Middle School and High School youth have their own dedicated service on Wednesday Nights during our Midweek Service, but we want them to be at LifePoint for Sunday Service as well.  For more information on our LifePoint Students youth program, click here.